Burnet's Gold Long Term Fertiliser 100 g

The Complete Slow-Release Plant Food Ideal for Pots, Containers and Garden Beds

NPK 14 - 6.2 - 11.6   (Plus Sulphur 6%, Iron 2%, Magnesium 1.4%, Manganese 0.5%)

  • The complete diet for all your roses and flowering shrubs
  • One application will feed up to 3 Months 

Suitable for:

All Rose types including: Bush, Standard, Climbing, Miniature, Rambling, Old Fashioned Roses, And Flowering Shrubs etc.


  • Simply sprinkle evenly around Plants outer drip zone and fork in lightly. Remove any Fertiliser from stem or leaves by brushing or watering off
  • Apply 25 g (2 Level Scoops) around each Plant when active growth starts. For new plants incorporate 25 g of Burnet’s Gold into the planting hole
  • Broadcast application may be made at 25 g/m2
  • Avoid contact with Trunk or Stems 
  • For continuous results re-apply fertiliser every 3-4 months during the growing season 


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