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Burnet's Horticulture Ltd is proud to be a privately owned New Zealand Company.

Burnet's Horticulture originally traded under the name of NZ Grass Nurseries Ltd has been supplying pre-packaged Lawn seeds into the Garden Centre’s Market for over 50 years. They initially supplied Dichondra into the market and have expanded over the years to supply a complete range of specialist Lawn Mixes designed to cover the needs from the backyard lawn to the most discerning show lawn enthusiast.

Burnet's Horticulture has always been a leader in the field with the introduction of new mixes and technology. With the introduction of Boston Green onto the market in the late 1980’s, it heralded the start of Turf Type Ryegrass being used in the Home Lawn Market. This product has proved a revelation throughout the Country as a Superior All Purpose Lawn. This combined with the everyday blends of Green Supreme (Rye/Clover) and Coated Wearwell which supplies a hard-wearing low care option for the person who requires quick coverage. This is still a huge part of the market in NZ, confirmed by our sales records.

With the advent of New Treatments and New Technology of which Burnet's Horticulture was the first to introduce a state of the art Coating Plant to apply these treatments. The top end of the market has changed and Burnet's Horticulture with three EzyStrike blends are right at the forefront of this. EzyStrike is a specialized treatment to supply Grass Grub Protection during establishment (the only treatment with this ability), Fungicide Protection, and growth promotion. This gives your Lawn the best possible start.

Burnet's Horticulture can therefore cover the complete spectrum of Lawnseed requirements from the everyday blends through to the top of the range Full Sun, Shade and All-Purpose Blends. All of the manufactures of Burnet's Horticulture is done in house from the Seed Production, Coating, Treating, Mixing, Packing, and Wholesaling of the complete range. This has contributed greatly to our outstanding service, and supply record over many years.







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Burnets have a wide range of products to suit your gardening needs, from a large selection of lawn seed mixes to gardening equipment, fertilizers and much more.

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